Current Research Project


Title: A participatory approach to exploring culturally diverse fathers’ experiences of seeking and receiving support in the perinatal period.

To date, in Australia, little research has focused on CALD fathers’ experiences of seeking and receiving support. The proposed research project is significant in that it is the first Australian study that will authentically engage with a small group of fathers to explore their experiences and then to co-design appropriate resources and activities that facilitate support.

This project has two aims: 1) to explore the expectations and experiences of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) fathers seeking and receiving support in the perinatal period and, 2) to co-design with a group of fathers a community-based activity or resource that facilitates access to support for CALD fathers in the perinatal period. The objectives are to: 1) explore CALD new fathers’ perceptions of support; including what fathers say support is, and who/where that support comes from; 2) identify the strategies fathers use to access support; 3) identify the enablers and barriers of CALD fathers’ preferred source/s of support and; 4) co-develop a culturally appropriate resource for CALD fathers.

By co-developing and disseminating innovative resources/packages of activities that are relevant to the needs of CALD fathers, this project has the potential to make a positive impact on their perinatal experiences by building their mental health literacy and engaging them in their identified support networks. The proposed project will make a significant contribution to the well-being of fathers, their infants, and their partners.