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Dad stress

Is it just stress or something more?

Becoming a dad for the first time has the potential to be a challenging experience. The modern dad has more things to juggle than past generations and we’re still finding our way. When it comes to managing the demands of work and family as well as finding time for ourselves it can sometimes seem impossible.

Research indicates that around 10% of fathers experience depression and or anxiety (PNDA) around the time of birth. Research also indicates that around 45% of men don’t realise PNDA can effect dads.

The two videos below will help you understand your mind set and give you some tips on seeking help if it gets out of hand.

Feeling like you’re stretched in all directions?

Birthing Dads created this short video to raise awareness of perinatal depression and anxiety (7.52min).

Gidget Foundation

Understanding perinatal mental health (3.33min)