The Perinatal Relationship Education and Paternal Advocacy, Research and Engagement Foundation is a Registered Charity (DGR 1) created to encourage prospective fathers to engage in pregnancy, birth and early parenting.  We help fathers engage in family life from the moment they hear the news of their impending fatherhood.

Research indicates the active engagement of fathers during pregnancy and birth leads to a wide range of health benefits for families.

We inspire awareness among men of the crucial role their focussed involvement during the perinatal period has on the growth and development of their children.

We prepare fathers for fatherhood to ensure future generations are nurtured, loved and attentively cared for by supportive parents who are themselves supported by each other and the wider community.


We will seek to  facilitate better outcomes for expectant dads, mothers and babies, the extended  family unit and the community.


Our purpose is to conduct and disseminate research, provide evidence based information, deliver antenatal education for fathers, relationship education for parents and advocate for greater paternal involvement in the reproductive health system.

Our aim is to replace paternal exclusion with involvement, contribution and engagement throughout the perinatal period and beyond.

By achieving this we will help to alleviate the significant disconnect felt by some dads which can lead to poor relationship, emotional and mental health outcomes.